Crystal Pier (revisited)

Where: Pacific Beach, Sand Diego Pier

Where we spent quite a few weekends through the years, pre children. Crystal Pier back then was always our go to point of celebration for anniversaries and birthdays. A treat we would usually book way in advance, during he winter months when it's cheaper. Ride our bikes along the boardwalk and downtown to the local bars and restaurants. To the beach in the rain on some years. Mike's high school graduation present from his parents was a weekend here where he stayed with all of his friends on the largest cottage at the end of the pier. He says it was one of his best memories. The best way to celebrate the end of high school with good friends and non stop surf. Made me think that maybe someday it would be nice if our boys shared the same tradition. Except with us enjoying our own cottage just across the way from them.

Last week we took them for the first time. Our trip to Joshua Tree that we had been counting on just before New Year's fell through mid morning so we called on a whim and booked the one night they had free. The boys loved it. The long rickety boardwalk, the sound of the ocean just out our window, the frantic seagulls on the rail demanding food on the porch and the slight shake of the cottage when the high tides roll in and knock against the pier.

We walked downtown for Mexican food, rode bikes around town and sat under the pier after breakfast at Konos letting the baby play (and taste) a little of that damp cold sand. As we were leaving a storm was moving in so our time at the PB skatepark was cut short. We all wished we had another night, but that's how it always goes.

Hopefully we make it back before anyone's graduation.