Hoping (cursing & praying) that The Ma Books bug works itself out soon. I updated my mac laptop with the Yosemite thingy and suddenly everything is a little "off." Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but the timing is odd. Main issue being: blogpost will not allow me to log out of this site here, to successfully manage other site and when I do log in, it just brings me to a Google Accounts Setting page with no option to control the actual blog. It's been very frustrating because I was hoping to set things right and regular over there at the first of the year and then this. I'm sure most of you have no idea about what or why, but if anyone has an ounce of advice, please bring it.

Loving (obsessed and raving) about Amazon's latest series Transparent. If you haven't caught wind of it yet, please do so. You will thank me. Just like I did my friend who recommended it to me when I text her asking for recommendations. In the mood for something specifically pretty, current, with an L.A vibe and boy did she get it right with this one. I devoured the whole ten epodes in two days. You will to. Seriously.

Wearing: The lovely knit dress above. Finally. It was sent as a sweet gift sent while hugely pregnant with Hayes (I posted here about it, right?) and just now fitting closer to how it should. I wore it for the first time on my birthday night in Palm Springs, and then again to our Christmas party last month. It's a forever favorite and it hangs just as pretty on the wall as it does on one's shoulders. The texture, the smell, the color and cut. All of it is plain perfection. As is just about everything in Callahan's collection.

Enjoying this fun little app. If only because it's a nice break from Instagram. Less pressure, more playfulness with just a touch or artsy demand. And it's simple, with only two filter options. The more I use it the more I like it. So check it out and find me there if you do.

Missing: The snow. And the rain. Per usual, the weather is back to consistent sun. Though I will say that winter sunlight in the house has it's own unique appeal that adds a certain crisp edge to it that I do adore.

Adding: Gone Girl to my Amazon cart tonight. Mike and I were kicked out of the theater when it first came out because apparently there is a new rule in effect banning children under 5 inside rated R movies. The argument being, not that it isn't suited to their best viewing interests, but that it endangers other movie goers overall theater experience. I get it. I do. I think it's a shame to assume we as parents we can't judge when to leave a theater with a loud or fussy baby at even the slightest disruption. I've taken all of my kids (as newborns, young infants) to all kinds of movies. We go late, when they are tired and I nurse them to sleep so they're out the rest of the two hours we are there. Each of my boys have slept soundly through everything from V for Vendetta (Arlo's first) to Paolo Alto (Haye's first) Anyway, I think it's rather cruel and unfair to ban parents this way. With a baby who still fully refuses a bottle,  it's going to be a good while before we make it back to see anything good. Hello Netflix, Hello Amazon.

Planning: For a long weekend in Tomales Bay in the Spring, during the boy's break. I've never been. But it sure looks pretty. Can't beat a coastal drive in April. And I am a new fan of oysters, so that should be fun.

Trying: Sun art. When our friend Kevin was down he showed us some of the art his nieces made with the paper he bought while traveling and I couldn't believe I'd never known about it. I figured if we can't count on much more rain, at least this is a nice way to make use of this stubborn winter sun.

Listening to Paul Simon. Day and night, because I found another copy of Graceland to replace the one I lost so many years ago. Best.

Spending a little less time online lately. Suffering from a slight Instagram burnout that seems to sprout from time to time. Basically I guess I'm just a little bored over there lately. Regardless, it's kind of refreshing to take a small step back. From the phone draw all together. I actually finished what I was reading this whole week, so it's feeling mostly like a big positive.

Ready for bed. But forcing myself to stay awake for the movie I bought.
Tea and popcorn might help?