Month Seven

Four, almost six new teeth now! Eating everything. Pulling up and crawling with one wonky little leg pushing you forth in the cutest most awkward stance. Moving all around the floors, just as of today. Your brothers, so impressed. So proud and excited for each new milestone that comes to be. You, watching just how and what they react to do, laughing hardest at Rex (understandably) because he works to entertain you the most. All of us, I suppose, if we're being honest...

Your morning eyes searching always first for Jack. Your odd, sometimes overly protective, filthy bedside companion.

Seven months, a bright, impossibly happy boy who wakes with the same glowing grin he falls to sleep with. A smile you wear out on the sand, in the snow, in backseat of the car, on the floor, from your crib, beaming adorably at your own naked reflection when we stand there after a bath at the mirror in my room. By all means, the happiest, easiest baby I've ever known. Which is saying a lot conisdering two of your three brothers were also notoriously "good" babies. Yet you still take the cake. Just past half a year. With the first hint at a head full of brown curls sprouting more and more daily. Exactly like your brother Leon's did around the same age.

Seven months and counting. Our ever sweet and shining blessing. Growing heavier. Happier, more curious of the world around you, with each new unfolding day.