On a Thursday

Sometimes big brothers make you cry. Sometimes they make you laugh.
Everything in between keeps Ma on her toes.

Yesterday's trip to the San Juan Mission. With zero photos of the actual Mission due to an exceptional amount of fits and fists. A lot refereeing, fake falling, overall complaining and sneak attack tackles guised as hugs. The boys have been going non stop for the past three weeks. To parties and relatives house's to sleepovers and skateparks.Yesterday my plans for a family day at The Griffith Observatory were scrapped by the rest of the house, for something closer, more "convenient" that didn't involve Los Angeles traffic. The kind of veto I remained slightly bitter about all day long. But they fed koi fish, panned for gold, learned lessons on off roading a baby in a new stroller, and we even managed Mexican food for a late lunch before dropping them off at Grandma's on our way home for the night.

They currently have three days remaining on winter break. I think we're all fine with that.