Thursday, January 1, 2015


This year are simple. Mostly generic. And fingers crossed, somewhat "successful."

To read more.
Remember how to excise (regularly, again)
To slow down and be more present throughout the days, week and months ahead.
To write more
To remember to lock my car.
To eat better and worry less.
To buy more consciously. More selectively, and only then, things I absolutely love or need.

And lastly, to allow myself an occasional guilt free nap. Like I use to. Before my hours felt too important to give to rest.

A list that could go on. But for now, probably enough to keep me focused on personal evolution this new year.

What about you guys? Any resolutions on your end you care to share?


  1. I have so many little ones: always remember my reusable bags when I go to the grocery store, try to actually get in front of the camera sometimes, use the clothes lines for drying clothes.
    But really, I just want to enjoy the hell out of it all and work hard on having the best time that I can. Which feels really selfish and unimportant, but also like the best thing that I can possibly do with these days.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    1. sounds great!

      cheers to all of it Rachel!

  2. I love these resolutions, and in one form or another, mine are similar. Mostly, I have an intention of not wasting so many precious moments staring at a smart phone screen. Life was so full when I was more concerned with being in the moment instead of looking at others' moments or drowning in Pinterest. I may even bring my blog back because in not writing, I feel like I've let so many of the "feelings" of the past year slip by. I have the photos, but without the written word, it's not quite the same. Happy New Year to you and all your handsome boys :)

    1. I love hearing this Cassie. I agree with it all and hope you do go back to the blog. I think in the long run you will be happy you did.

  3. Happy new year Jessica!
    Mine are very similar.
    To read more, perhaps even finish a book!
    Exercise regularly and Get back on track with our healthy lifestyle
    Learn to knit
    Spend more social time (away from the home) with my other half.
    To grow my blog and make it more personal (somehow!?)
    Im looking forward to the year ahead and to reading more on here and The Ma Books.
    Wishing The Kraus' a very happy and healthy 2015

    1. yes, a little time away from the phones should probably be on everyone's list?

      Cheer, to a new year!

  4. I think mine are pretty simple too. I need to get back to yoga on regular bases. I would love to start some projects around the home. I plan to get more handy :) To teach my oldest daughter how to ride a bike and swim...To slow down a little and enjoy my everyday life with my love ones...And change the look of my blog a little I think.
    Wish you and your beautiful family everything the best ! Maybe few more snowy days in 2015?

    1. PS: I love this photo!

    2. well thank you margo.

      slowing down a little is the best resolution of all, I'd say.