Brunch at The Commissary

Where: The Line Hotel, Korea Town Los Angels

I am always hesitant to do any kind of restaurant reviews here only because I am plain terrible at both photographing and describing food. By all means I am not what anyone would ever refer to as a "foodie" but figure a restaurant this appealing pretty much speaks for itself. I mean, who doesn't want to dine in a greenhouse crammed with exotic plants and fresh juiced cocktails?

We met last week on a Monday for my best friend's birthday brunch where I suggested The Commissary because the few photos I had seen online looked like an ideal place to spend a morning with the girls and, a testing out a new restaurant is always fun. Luckily baby Hayes, with his first few teeth and fierce new appetite is quite happy to be anywhere near any kind of food these days and the same seems to go for the company of a table full of pretty girls too.

As for review. I'll keep it simple. The overall setting is gorgeous. Open, fresh with natural light that feels just as refreshing as the menu which consists of simple picture drawings and a whole lot of fancy vegetables. At the entrance there are baskets stuffed with woven Mexican blankets for your comfort in the evening to bundle up with when the chill kicks in. The servers are well equipped with a robust knowledge of just about every ingredient involved in all of the entrees and more than eager to share their own personal favorites as well as other suggested food / side parings. There a great selection of signature cocktails to choose from too, but if you know me you know I always pick a boring old beer.

I came hungry so I opted for the burger (delicious!) and my friends tried everything from the Bass, to the cheese platter to the cooked carrots they are most notorious for. I won't go into detail, because, as stated above, I lack real skill when in comes to quality food descriptions, but will say they lived up to all the hype I read on yelp while nursing the baby in the parking lot beforehand.

Point being, if you are anywhere near or heading down to L.A for a visit, you'll want to check this place out. And be sure you eat your carrots.