Baby Space

I'm always one for simple home modifications when it comes to rearranging a house to meet the shifting needs of a growing family. Meaning pieces of our home are constantly evolving to suit whatever stages are at hand. So sometime shortly after Christmas when I started to see that the baby was in need of a designated playspot of his own upstairs in the loft alongside his brothers favorite things, I decided it was time to build him one. I had already spent a good portion of the vacation organizing and arranging the older boy's new toys, donating the discarded and rotating bins to suit each of their current tastes. As of now, mainly build of tech decks, miniature skateparks, legos, blocks, and two hefty baskets filled with the ever popular magna tiles. I decided to use the two wooden brackets and plywood shelf I got from Ikea to claim the small corner spot near the stairs to host a few of Haye's new gifts which turned out to be a really quick and cheap way to entertain a curious crawler delighted to find a low place to pause for playthings. Perfect for practicing standing skills and lined with an always revolving rotation of fun new trinkets all hand picked by mama.

And the best part is, when he's finally through with the novelty of it I've already decided it would probably make a great little place to pile a few more plants.