February Thrift Picks

It's been so long since I've shared any of my second hand scores. A shame because it's always been one of my favorite features here but I suppose I thrift much less these days, so I don't always have regular news in this department. Sadly.

Below are some of the items I snagged this week. I had incredible luck last week on a separate voyage to a big store out of town that I drive out to on rare occasions when I have a little extra time because I know it's a gaurentee jackpot every trip. Unfortunately, the jackets I bought there need to be worn in photos to do them any real justice so maybe I'll share those down the line at some point.

As for the rest of the goodies, I went with Rex's birthday party in mind so a few of them reflect that. On the hunt for a few extra bowls and whatnot. I planned a no frills, simple lunch for family to celebrate the big five but always seem to somehow end up forcing myself to bother with decorations and throwing together a loose festive theme, even if it all happens late the night before (Which, realistically, is 75 percent of the time)

The GOODs:

Little House Patterned Pot: Who can resist such an enduring scene on cookware?

Wooden Apple Basket: Possibly my favorite thing I've picked up in awhile. It's adorable, hanging flat on the wall, as a fun accent at the table, or expanded into a basket shape that either sits upright or from a hook hanging. I think it's such a genius little creation. The boys love it. And I have a soft spot for all things apple shaped. Thinking it will go in the baby's room.

Mexican Ceramic Bell and Baskets: Both of which I suppose I didn't absolutely need, but still couldn't bring myself to pull out of the cart at check out.

1976 Ceramic Steamer and Pottery Pieces: The steamer is so pretty, I had no idea what it did, but it was in such incredible condition + 40 percent off, so I couldn't pass it up. With help from Anne, who found instructions on you tube, I learned that it in fact does steam things really well, veggies and rice I've tried so far and it's worked fine. But as of now it's playing home to a handful of onions.

Woven Runner and Embroidered Straw Hat: Both cute additions to Rex's little birthday celebrations we're having here at our house this weekend. The colors in the weaving are so great I just might copy them for whatever simple decorations I come up with.