Of The People

Last week my friend Lyndeez came down the mountain a couple hours away to come stay the night. We went thrifting, out to lunch and spend the rest of the evening half philosophizing in pajamas and more drinking pre made bottle based margaritas while glued to the hysterically funny show Broad City on Amazon that I was recently turned onto by another dear friend. The following morning we were able to catch up a bit more over breakfast and after a long lazy morning I asked to photograph her and a few of her jewelry before she hit the road. To which she sweetly obliged.

Old spoon rings are my favorite. Always have been. A couple of her art deco versions I liked best. And the primitive bronze cuffs are pretty amazing too. There's something about raw, handmade jewelry I find so appealing. The rough edges and noticeable effort behind each piece just get me.
Good stuff.

Of The People, available online Here.

And if you haven't yet, you have to check out BROADS. Think GIRLS, only rougher around the edges and unapologetically, prefectly silly. Also, ideal for adult slumber parties.
(and laundry days)