Around Here

We are still trying to catch up from our long weekend away. Mostly laundry. Because, isn't it always laundry?

Pulling books from the shelves to donate to their school book party happening today. Building a new dining room table, trying to string together something fun and easy for their Spring Break week coming around at the end of this month. Working on the trailer to get it ready for the warm weather in  the few spare hours that exist.

And in the midst of it all, a new devotion to "5$ yoga" every Wednesday at a local studio with my friend which is quickly becoming the highlight of my week. 90 mintues there in the hot dim room that seem to restart every part of my being. An hour and a half that belongs to me. And me alone. Where I don't worry about what I've not accomplished through the week, or stress about what still needs to "get done." I don't even fret about the baby that is probably up and crying for me like he's prone to these days on the rare occasions that I do leave him. It's been so good for me. So much so that I'm hoping to slowly incoorporate a couple more days at the gym I've been a member at (and somewhat avoiding) for the past couple of months since signing up again.

And coffee, in the morning either outside when there is sun or at the dining table when it's still cool out. Brief moments I manage to collect for myself. To remember what my thoughts sounds like in silence. Brief moments, here and there that can mean all the difference when the week is long, and the days hard.

And hopefully, catching up here too at some point this weekend. Hoping to share lots of fun photos from our trip to the lake as well as a new project I am part of, and, a post to meet the request for a list of my favorite songs which I am really looking forward to thinking about. Until then, one more cup of coffee and another load of laundry to kick off this warm and pretty Friday morning.