Farm Day

We kicked off the first day of Spring in style this year as participants in Kinder's first official Farm Day. Parents were asked to contribute what they could to run or stock each station planned for the field so I happily volunteered to make and run the photo booth with Mike as a banjo welding music man by my side. The day before the event however, I realized the simple gingham backdrop and wood bench I had in mind for the booth made for a pretty sad sight once I started to visually construct it. Luckily, Mike is typically up for these kinds of hasty project deadlines so I drew out what I wanted and he got to building right away. Late that night he came through with the cutest cedar planked barn front complete with a hand painted sign and a couple small windows for a few extra farmers to peek through for the photos.

We stocked baskets full of old hats, handkerchiefs, vintage wash boards, wooden spoons and an array of instruments we had around the house and let them jam in true hillbilly style after each group shot. To which they then passed on to the next station, making the rounds racing wheel barrels, milking a homemade wood cow cutout, making butter, competing in a pie eating contest, lassoing saddled hay bails, hunting easter eggs, planting flowers, and learning to line dance. One long, jam packed day I suspect sent each of them fast asleep with the weight of their day settled deep in them bones, in true farmer fashion at the end of the night.

Till next year little fellas.