Scenes From a Weekend


Mostly enjoying the weather outback. Lounging around the yard now that the space is finally feeling complete. Watching the shadows dance across the lawn, pushing a ball back and forth with the baby, napping on the cool concrete after lunch. We didn't make it to any of the plans we had counted on for the weekend. I missed the flea market and they missed a birthday party. I didn't run to the grocery store or even glance at the long list of to-dos I had so diligently tapped to the side of the refrigerator in hopes that within each new search for a snack I might be moved to complete one of the tasks. A smart new tactic, tried and failed. I blame the sun.

Instead we made tacos and sat by the fireplace with friends in the evening. There were iced coffees - always one of the first signs of a warmer season shifting, as I am typically partial to a hot brew unless the sun is warm enough to switch my craving. Which it was. The boys played out in the yard stacking dominos and a few watering new plants. Barefoot and happy until they took to nagging near the end of the day about being "bored." Their father anchored in the drive way having unearthed the big forgotten project parked in the garage since Thanksgiving. A beat up old Volkswagen, which I know nothing about other than the fact that I found it quite hideous when he first brought it home. Mismatched colored panels, dents and all. But now with it's partial paint job I am starting to see that it might make a handsome companinion to a few of our summer adventures. If in fact we keep it that long.

The rest of the weekend was spent sorting mass amounts of laundry. Catching up and cleaning bathrooms. Even slightly rearranging the boy's room. The new table Mike made as a gift for Valentines day finally made its way into our dinning room. Looks beautiful. Something I imagine we will have forever. A handmade gift the boys will remember watching come together in the late nights out there in the garage. A sweet secret they all kept for well over a week until Leon accidentally spilled the beans: "Don't go in the garage ok, Mom? Dad is making a new table for someone and he doesn't want you to see it" on the day before the holiday. Leon is awful at keeping secrets. They all are for that matter. But we it gave us a laugh.And God bless the man who tires of trying to find you the old farm house table you've been pinning for for years on Craigslist, deciding instead to just make you one himself putting to use a few of the old wood beams that have been stacked outback for so long, just patiently waiting on a repectable purpose.

For now though the table is bare. With most meals happening outside, with the birds and the trees the plants and the sunlight. March wandering in bringing with it a refreshing change of pace. Slow and sunny. Perfectly Spring like.