Home Works

A little sneak preview into the back room / ex rental / new office space I started working on this past weekend. It all started when I lugged home that little wood hutch from a local flea market and realized it didn't really go in the space I had in mind when I bought it. I moved it out to the spare room and realized how handy the storage inside could be. So I moved all of my crafting stuff there and started creating a new space, just for myself. But more on that later, once it feels more finished. 

For now, I am working little by little (like everything in my life these days, I have to squeeze into two hour increments while the baby naps) to clear out and organize. The one rule being, I have to use things I already have on hand which makes it kind of fun trying to repurpose items I've had tucked away or neglected for years. 

I've also taking up a mean new stitching habit I indulge in late at night when I escape outback and practice getting these little pieces down the way I want them. Still a ways to go, as far as the finished outcome is concerned but it's been a sweet and relaxing break from my usual late night habit which consists of sitting on the internet browsing mindlessly until I finally decide to turn in for the night. 

Planing on sharing a proper tour of the space (as well as a complete essay regarding the importance of "A Room Of One's Own") over on The Ma Books when it's ready.