Spring Break

When original plans for a Spring Break getaway up near Tomales Bay fell flat we were stuck trying to figure out what and where to spend our time seeing that the weather was so nice and we were all desperate for a few listless days in the sun. We didn't think too much though before settling on our favorite fall back spot which, if I were to think back, is probably where a majority of our Spring Break vacations - even prior to kids - were probably spent.  "Old Mans" beach, with kid friendly surfing conditions and a convenient sand parking lot to offer up the motor home up as easy lunch and nap access. Though this time around we had baby Hayes sleeping happily inside an oversized teepee made especially for the beach, which he seemed quite content in. (Despite what the photo suggests!)

We had the first couple of days to ourselves. And then had family out overnight and friends who met us there for dinner and a "holi powder" fest on our very last day. We barbecued hot dogs, watched and a rooted along a beached sea lion who finally made his way back into the water after a four day pause there on the shoreline, played volleyball, learned some new songs on the harmonica, flied kites and tossed around a big nylon Frisbee. Mike also unearthed and fixed up my old bike for this trip too so I found a new, tiny slice of freedom riding around from beach end to beach end and back again. The baby didn't go far with me the way we are photographed below, just to be clear on that. But only around in circles on the sand to feel some wind on his face. He laughed happily, cooing joyfully from behind my shoulders. So I'm now looking to buy some kind of seat for him before summer comes so we can ride a little further, and freely. 

As far as toys go, I kept things especially simple with what I packed and what I brought for each of the boys to play with. The goal being less and less to pack, and then of course have to put away upon return. Coming back can be so overwhelming that it tends to take away from the actual trip. Each season, the first voyage we take helps me gage what we really need and use and what can be left behind the next round. Definitely I need to bring a lot less clothes, and keep the entertainment limited to: bubbles, instruments, crayons and paper, sand buckets, balls, and small blow up pool, checker board, and a couple kites. Outside of that, they really don't need or ask for very much. 

So with that in mind, I am already aching for the official start of camping season, for all the days and weekends ahead spent cramped there in that big green summer home on wheels. Sitting after long days in the sun by a campfire with s'mores. I know I've said it a hundred times before but these trips always make me sentimental in the way that I know these particular memories will always be my very favorite. Seeing my nine year old out in the ocean surfing all day long with a guitar at his side and a song on those strings by night, I know that at least we're getting this part right. Hopefully the long term impact is big. The "good times" will always outweigh the few rough. 

In the meantime, that RV will be needing a transmission tune up, me, a new bathing suit, and the boys, some serious lessons in checkers. 

All in good time.