Sunday's Eggs

A more concise and respectable blogger would have sent this post out in the weeks leading up to the holiday so that others reading here might be moved to try out their own natural dye concoctions like the ones I came across over on Instagram well before Easter and became hellbent on testing myself. Truth be told though due to our Spring break beach vacation wrapping up late Friday, I didn't actually have the time / luxury to devout to such a lovely endeavor until early Easter morning (I was determined) when I woke before the boys to cut up the veggies I needed and boil pots of water in the kitchen in peace until the rest of the house began to up and stir and naturally, came to invade every piece of the project in prepartion. 

To keep it simple we used what we had on hand which was beets, black tea and coffee. Spinach and tumeric which resulted that bright orange hue that proved a quick favorite.

After the dying we ate some of the eggs, had coffee and relaxed before making to our second family celebration. Saturday it was my moms for brunch. Crepes and egg hunts. And Sunday, my in laws for tacos and additional hunts. I didn't bother to snap many photos because it was quite hectic and I was feeling exceptionally exhausted. But the weekend weather was beatuiful and the kids had a blast greeting those familiar traditions and all of their cousins to run around various backyards in the sun alongside with. It was a first for baby Hayes and he seemed genienuely delighted by the non stop family festivities. He also proved a big fan of the hard boiled egg, which is great news considering we still have two cartoons full.  

In other news, I am doing the best I can to get caught up here but my laptop is infected with some kind of ugly virus and the spinning wheel of death is plaguing my every move which means everything I pump out of now is a riddled with errors and painfully, and I mean painfully slow to complete. Good news is I am halfway through our spring break post and will be sharing some of my favorite photos and sentiments from four fun filled days at our favorite beach camping with friends and family either tonight of tomorrow.

In the meantime, bookmark THIS LINK for instructions to use for next year's egg dyings. I know I have already collected a handful of helpful new tips from others who do it every year that I can't wait to try out in addition to these next go round. Hopefully, in due time to share here before the holiday up and runs me over.