Scenes From A Weekend

All my life I've claimed that I am, at heart, a true cold weather girl. I thought I liked the rain and clouds more than I preferred the sun and always found our trips up to northern California so romantic because of their gray damp coastal weather.

Turns out, I was dead wrong.

It's been three weeks and counting we've had these heavy clouds hanging over us and all I can say is by day three I was done. I can't stand how negatively it effects my mood. Almost to the point I stopped wanting to even get dressed (many days last week I didn't bother) or go anywhere, or do anything. My feet are cold, my motivation deflated, and my state of mind bleak and uninspiring. So all those years I was wrong. I do need the sun. And lots of it. Which I realize means that basically I could really never thrive anywhere outside of Southern California. But, I think I'm ok with that.

This past weekend in spite of the unfaltering cloud cover I forced us all out of the house to the beach - we needed to get out and we were shocked (and delighted!) to find clear skies and even a little sun at a beach spot notorious for being a typically cloudy basin. We met our friends for a mid evening BBQ and let the kids test out their new kites, gifted to us by Sailing Ship Kites a couple weeks ago which they've been dying to try. Unfortunately the wind wasn't enough to get them very high, but they were determined so they jetted back and forth along the shore as we watched and rooted them from the fire pits.

The rest of the weekend was slow and largely uneventful. The baby pulled every book from every low shelf in the house, Mike got the double cab running, and then it broke down up the street by the park, Arlo made himself a couple new iron on tee shirts, the boy's spent the night at their cousins house again, and I finally settled in to say a final goodbye to Don Draper. Sunday night Mike and I watched the Mad Men series finale which left me in tears, as expected. That phone call between Don and Betty where he calls her "Birdie" again was just too much. Like any beloved book, or television show it's always hard when it comes to a close to say goodbye to people you've come to love in way of fantastically fleshed out characters and top notch writing. I loved the show from start to finish, every aspect of it and will miss it dearly. I also thought the finale episode was a perfect ending. So cheers to Matthew Wiener for brining it home. Though two days later I'm still swooning over those last visions of Don in that denim jacket wandering aimlessly around the grounds of that lush hippie retreat. But, we'll always have Netflix . . .

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. The day after is always hard to bounce back from. And the gray skies aren't helping anyone around here either.
Summer, please hurry.