Apple Cinder Vinegar Face Mask

A few months ago my friend's dad spent a whole hour convincing me of the of health benefits linked to apple cider vinegar. The more I read the more I found each of these claims well supported in tried and true old school remedies being attributed to aiding in everything from better skin, to constipation, to migraines, to diabetes, to weight loss and so much more. The list goes on and on but the bottom line being in adding this to your daily intake can help create a more alkaline body environment. Which in turn, makes it much more difficult for cancer to fully flourish and thrive.

I started taking one shot first thing every morning. Occasionally mixing it with sparkling water or orange juice again later in the evening and found that instantly I was feeling fuller longer throughout the day. And, my headaches - which have reappeared after Hayes was born - disappeared almost completely. I still struggle with my regular allergy issues but the hormonal migraines that knocked me off my feet for a couple days every month, seemed to have dissolve once I started taking the vinegar regularly.

In regards to skin care, it makes for a great toner and deep cleansing mask too. Below is what I've been using 1 -2 times a week all summer long with  Bragg's ACV and Indian Healing clay "Aztec Secret" for a super simple concoction that calls for equal parts of each.

For a personal mask meant for 1-2 people, I use 3 tablespoons of each and apply liberally. After about 5 - 8 minutes comes a tight, intense tingling and for some it might feel like a slight acidic burn similar to in office acid peels. I love the sensation so I leave it on until it dries completely, letting my entire face come to feel like solid rock scape in the process, making the relief of washing it away all the better.

So far I'm firm believer. And that big bottle I splurged on, which I assumed would stick around my cupboard for a few months, is now less than three quarters full. Baths, shots, facials. Seems there's no end to what you can do with this stuff. Can't believe it's taken me this long to catch wind of it. Though I have to say, I'm still waiting to hear just how it all works in some kind of vodka cocktail. But, you know, I'll talk to Pinterest about that. . .

What about you guys? Any current health / beauty tips you care to share? I always love learning about some new ones.