Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Around Here

Snapshots of the day to day

- Prepping marinade for fresh salmon our neighbors caught last weekend.

- Faithfully thriving, best behaved plant

- Rainbow stacker, the current favorite toy

- Stack of 5$ flea market Levis I've been living in through this awful August heat wave

- Rex, and the quilt we left and lost in Palm Springs. Something I know I'm sure to miss forever

- 10am loft light

- New book from my best friend. "When Dylan Went Electric"

- Best friend's after school bake fest / peanut butter & Oreo gluten free personal pies

- A slow Sunday, pirates booty and story time


  1. Just about missed Jack~ so camouflaged on the white mattress, against the wall. Don't know what it is about your dog, but he steals my heart every time he's in the family photos.

  2. he really is a dream pet. So sweet and more loyal than I even know what to do with. . .