Back Alley Babes

When Arlo was born one of my favorite gifts I received from a friend were white onesies with various era Dylan faces ironed on the front of them. Down the line my another friend (and long time iron on font enthusiast) made one for his first birthday with the lyrics from "You Ain't Going Nowhere" on the back, which came to be worn and loved by each of the other boys for years there after.

In deciding to add a line of limited edition tee shirt designs to our shop a few years ago, I was always adamant that it would revolve mainly around music I loved, and hoped to install early on in the tastes of my children. Simple images based on the sounds I wanted them too to embrace. The Flying Burrito Brothers was Mike's pick. As he's been forever in search of this particular tee when finally we realized we could just make it ourselves and let whatever people it speaks to, snag one up too. The best part about it is that it's a small percentage of everyday folk who actual know and love The Flying Burrito Brothers. Certainly not a mainstream draw, but with all the complements our boys receive when wearing them - it's the jumping delight of the hard core fans that serve as an immediate  connection, like "ok, you like good music too." Smile, head nod. High five. Also the reason we decided they belonged in adult sizes as well. Big people, little people, everyone likes a good band shirt.

The Dylan design this round comes from my friend Samuel who's passion for hand drawn designs is what I am most drawn to. His company bio reads: "Samuel and Juan Solorzano, creators of Brothers Design Company, share a passion for authentic, original design inspired by photographers like Karl Ferris and Eddie Bauer designs from the early and mid 1900's. Each project starts with a raw concept and is brought to fruition through an unparalleled attention to natural detail that often becomes lost along the road to industry. Similar to the frescoes of Rouen, the most influential and lasting pieces of art are created with passionate labor. Art, whether with words, paint, or raw materials lose their intended beauty, as John Ruskin so adeptly put it, when dexterity takes the place of feeling. Each day we strive to pick up the pen, carve out an image, and capture an aesthetic with patience and perseverance in the early hours and before we rest at night. At Brothers, we have found that diligence, rather than convenience, and humanity, rather than machinery, allow us to produce work that endures longer than the fleeting trends of the present century. " 

The photos above are from this week's brief trek to downtown Lake Elsinore where I tried to snap a few pictures for our shop but the models (paid in dime store slurpees ) showed about as much enthusiasm as cats to a leash.

What we ended up with was a filthy bunch in a dingy alley wearing some damn cool (freshly stained) tee shirts. And one mighty close call with a wide bus in a narrow alleyway. #subterraneanbuswidthblues

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