Thrift Picks

Clearly the good 70's pottery Gods were on my side this week, right?

Not pictured:

- the giant "Annoying Orange" stuffed toy I bought for Rex as gift to reward his newly refined patience in Salvation Army scours. Which lives up to it's name by shouting a handful or incredibly annoying phrases whenever you push the tiny button on top of his head. A perk we were not aware of until late that evening, when he served as giant grenade during a pre bedtime brawl then started spouting off such stupidly entertaining quips delighting the boys and loosening the fists. A fit of laughter that helped outweight some other hours where his voice and repetitions that made me wanna slice him wide open and tear out all of his filthy, second hand stuffed insides.

- Hannah Anderson pajamas in my very favorite striped colored paring (2$) that were sold out when I tried to buy them at top dollar last Christmas.

- Slightly "worn" Target pajamas for the baby that look a whole lot like they could come from Hannah Anderson

- The hand painted hawk we found wedged in a corner, wrapped in plastic and patiently awaiting what appears to be it's madien flight.

- A 1970's era "Iceland University Tee" soft and faded just enough to suit Leon's notoriously weird wardrobe requirements.

- My Iced coffee I wasn't allowed to bring in because of the "new carpet" installed weeks prior, which    melted sadly there in the peak of the 10am summer temps and tasted awful on the way home when I tried to reclaim it. Luckily, the pottery in my truck made up for it.

- The one lone mug that took a violent spill upon unloading.
   R.I.P tiny cup with the pretty over sized handle and hand carved signature underneath. 
   Too soon. . .