Watching out the back door, Rex and Hayes enthralled by a big cardboard box tumbling around in the lawn with a baby's head peeking up and out of it. Smiling because, as always, it's usually the non toys that keep 'em most entertained. Speaking of which, this article is exactly what I'm saying.  

Reading Sally Mann's Hold Still. Page by page circling what seems like every other passage because she's just so damn good. The fact that her writing proves just as sharp as her photography floors me.  If you're looking for something new to read, you can find the book here and join in as we read along over at The Ma Books.

Loving This new little series on Amazon my friend recommended recently. Only 6 or so episodes but well worth the run. Witty, sweet, slightly crass with great character chemistry. 

Considering the idea of growing old with the "Besties," packing up and moving here. Reverse dorm room style seclusions where we can sit sipping Mah Tais at sun down in old kaftans and berate our children because they don't visit enough. This article is fun too. 

Eyeing  this, this, and this

Planning A small celebration for Leon, a 40th birthday party for Mike and one big slumber party at my house next month to bid farewell to my friend next month. I forgot how much fun planning these kinds of parties are. And, why don't we do it more? As adult women, isn't there all the more reason to need and want a proper sleep over? Anyway, a whole lot of partying on the plate for the Fall season. 

Crafting some felt boards for baby Hayes. Something I loved myself as a kid in Kindergarten. If I finish up this weekend I'll try and share a post here next week. So far it's turning out pretty cute.

Juggling the new addition of three extra circular activities the boys joined this month which dumped our entire week's schedule on it's head. So THIS is what the carpool blues feel like . . . 

Reminiscing my third born baby's early years. Leon will be seven tomorrow and by coincidence I stumbled upon an old box of his baby pictures that got my heart feeling swollen and weak. Surely a sweet seven years it's been. But man do miss that baby face.