Mini Frozen Dole Whip

As hot as it's been the past few weeks we've been doing whatever we can to keep cool indoors and out. Popsicles being an sweet and easy way of instant relief.

This version is an alternative to the slew of improvised "Dole Whip" recipes floating around Pinterest. All variations of the infamous Disneyland version that call for minimal ingredients, are pretty healthy, and downright delicious in whichever form you choose.

A few I saw included everything from lime juice, to bananas, to coffee creamers and other things, but we stuck to this particular version because it seemed most paired down.

What you need:

I threw it all in a Blender and served it with a spoon as a whipped version first, then added a tad more juice to thin it out and poured the remainder into these fantastic tiny silicone molds I bought last month. And I have to say, I do really prefer this size because they are just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth but still a reasonable  amount for the baby to handle. And, a little goes a long way in this tray. 

So far we've been freezing everything from crushed fresh fruit, to yogurt to whatever juice we have on hand and the kids seem to love all versions equally. I found the molds here and would definitely recommend them as a "should be" summer staple. In spite of the fact that popsicle season is coming to a quick close.