First of Fall

We woke, lifted the shades and sure as the sun the morning felt like Fall.

So we bid farewell to the long, languid days of summer. To the camp outs and the late nights, the freedom of a season that left it's mark on the browns of our back. When it comes back around next year our babies will have stretched into children and our children newly ripened by a year that's come to past before them.

As for now, a slow hour soaking in the fresh stillness in the air. Baskets stocked with clumps of yarn that need to be untangled to lend hand in new crafts I need to explore, the warm allure of the holidays sneaking up, and hopefully at least half as much rain as they've warned us of on the forecast fronts for months now.

Hey, El Nino, we've been expecting you.

Other than that, so much coffee. Linens in the wash, hard boiled eggs in cast iron pots on the stove, a nine year wedding anniversary on our watch, and a date with three at a school BBQ at noon.

Happy First of Fall.