Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Out Back

Spent a little time this weekend cleaning up and tending to the potted plants and overgrown corners of the yard. Refilling soil, replacing shrubs, pulling weeds and raking leaves. So crazy how quickly it all falls out of control without regular upkeep. It's still got a little ways to go to get it to where we like it, and the 105 degree weather isn't helping much, but we have a handful of major parties happening here over the next few months so there is always motivation in celebration.

And when it's a bit more primed and polished, a proper tour here to highlight a space we love, built by one guy with very little time on his hands who deserves some major credit for how far it's come.


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  2. Someday I hope to have a yard like this.

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    1. I am not deleteting you crazy spam comment only because that made me laugh a little.
      "maybe you've always been a little overweight."

    2. I was thinking, "Maybe I have. What's it to you?"

      Plus, since I'm commenting I will say that your outdoor fireplace is incredible.

    3. haha! Too funny, Laura.

      And thank you! For commenting, AND complementing.