Scenes From a Weekend / Celebrating Seven

For the past four years now we have stuck to the grand tradition of celebrating Leon's birthday in mid September at our favorite beach under the same small thatched hut with a grip of friends and family simply because it always provides the best excuse to spend one full day together on the sand with folks who might not typically make such an effort, if not in honor of our ever enthusiastic birthday boy.

This year, as always, we rounded up all the cousins and friends and made had our party there in the sand. With non stop surfing, music, swing bike competitions, beach parkour, bubbles, bbq, hula hoops, piƱatas, swimming, and even a couple naps. At the end of the night, the few who lingered there after the peak of the day's festivities, settled into the sand and watched the boys put their new scout skills to work to make a fire out of trash and a paper plate on site. We watched one glorious sunset over the water with cold beers in hand. And stretched the party out long enough to blow up glow in the dark balloons Morgan is notorious for, and got to indulge in one last (unforgettable) night swim under a scatter of dim stars with a white flash of a thin moon slip lighting usually warm waters.  A most suitable way to formally bid farewell to a summer that treated us so well. And, to greet our second boy's newest year. Wrapped in hours filled with joy and celebration. Exactly as it should be.