Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thrift Picks

Tuesday's Lucky thrift finds.

We happened upon 50 percent off day at our most treasured second hand stop. A little ways from town so not a place I drop by regularly. But every time I do, I manage to leave feeling a whole lot "junk" richer.

New American Poetry addition (1$)
Four set of knock off vintage Heath dinnerware (I've been waiting on these!) (4.50$)
Wood Frames (2$)
Blue Ceramic bowl (1.25$)
Adorable Handmade Cradle for Hayes (5$)

Not pictured:
American Flag short to replace the ones Rex wore holes in. (2$)
Two old (authentic) Hawaiian shirts for the boys. (4$)
Wide leg linen baby pants. (1$)
Mid Century Ice Bucket (2$)
Aluminum Industrial Style Stool (5$)

Regretfully Left Behind:
Oil canvas of red flower bunch
Orange ceramic pot I'll probably dream about forever.


  1. lovely! What thrift store is this?

  2. I love thrifting as well. You got some amazing stuff! I love that cradle. ^_^ Every time I see a glimpse into your home is look so beautiful and comfortable. I know that with four boys it probably gets messy but it sure cleans up nicely too.

    1. aww, thanks Susan! That's very nice of you to say.