Around Here

Snapshots of the everyday. 

$5 Oil Painting I passed up at my favorite thrift store last week but returned to hunt down Monday. A nice pop of color in an otherwise quiet white bathroom.

Fall dresses I'm not wearing because it's still to hot to resemble anything close to Autumn.

New shoes I am wearing, with the sun dresses I keep trying to retire.

*A fourth grade apology note written to Arlo after a brief playground tiff got physical a couple weeks ago when he heard a fellow classmate call Leon a name, with instructions to "Open at home and in front of mom" and reads: "to my friend Arlo. I am sorry for what I said about your brother and mom / family. I well never ever say one mean thing about your family. It's ok to tell me "I'm not you're friend." I under stand but are we friends? Tell me whenever you want. Sincerely, Brandon. p.s. Also I feel bad for saying those things to you. I let my feelings take over me. Im sorry for everything I did. 

Above baby's bed.

Fall scents.

Yesterday's especially calm coffee hour.

Bedside goods.

Morning bath.

Thrifted basket, broken jewelry.

First bowl of Pumpkin O's. Not too bad.

My new favorite children's book. Illustrated by one of the best, Carson Ellis.

* This note makes me happy. Arlo commented about it seeming totally "mommed out." As in, very obviously drafted by his mother's command. But that's what makes it so great. An old school apology note still goes a long way. I told him I would have handled it the exact same way.