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Vogue 73 Questions

I was hoping to finish up the post from our weekend with "The Holidays" but the morning got away from me and now I'm rushing to make it to a date with the girls over at The Broad Museum this afternoon. Anyway, I figured I'd pop in to share what kept me up far too late last night: 73 questions. A series I can't believe I'm just now aware of. It's such a great idea. Each of the videos are recorded in a single shot at the homes of celebrities firing off 73 questions as they show the interviewer around their house.They are clearly rehearsed in advance but I love the idea of a in home visit, and the questions are all pretty fun too.

Check out Sarah Jessica Parker, who seems just as charming as I had hoped. And Nicole Kidman's lush green farm grounds and wonder why she would ever even want to return to Hollywood.

Here, the latest with Emily Ratajkowski who's gorgeous art filled L.A Loft makes it worth the watch itself.

Watch this video on The Scene.