The Holidays

This past weekend our family spent some time over at The Holidays. A new camp site nestled inside of San Clementine state camp sites I had seen and been curious about ever since stumbling upon photos floating around Instagram a few weeks back when it first opened. 

A new beachside boon made up of three reissued Shasta trailers that work to secure that old school communal camp vibe we're all so desperate to get a piece of these days. So that all parts of it aim to engage campers on site. A single fire pit is conveniently anchored in the center of the space, with seating spread around and a small game shed stocked with everything from glow sticks, to ladders, to ring toss, to hula hoops, and other goods that makes it easy to draw the kids on site to connect and play one another. Big plus for the parents who yearn for an easy hassle free weekend destination vacation where they get to kick up their feet up in the shade under the trailer awning and have a beer or read a book while the kids stay easily entertained. Which is exactly what we did a majority of our time there. Sure the beach is close by, but the camp sites themselves feel so cozy it's hard to talk yourselves into busting out. Even for some bagels. Which we in fact managed. Twice during our stay. 

The best part however is the hosts, Andy and Liz, an exceptionally friendly couple who made sure they were there on hand to welcome us late Thursday night upon arrival so they could show us all the amenities, share some of the background details that went into seeing this place into reality, and set up a bonfire with s'mores that their two young sons and our boys all enjoyed after we had managed to get fully unpacked and settled in. We talked some about their plans for the future, and where they hope they might expand on this vision both here at San Clemente as well as other parks in So Cal down the line. So all you locals might want to keep an eye out for what's in store. Seems this is just the begnining of something grand on the campground horizons. So bookmark the spot. Because from what I can tell it looks like The Holidays are here to stay. 

Weekend Footnotes:
- An Impromptu meet up Friday evening with our friends Kate and Ellen and their daughter Adelaide  turned into an overnight gig with them parked beside us in their beautifully restored airstream which they are currently living and traveling in. Friends we had actually yet to meet in person. So a bbq, good music, coolers of beer and an on site playdate with the kids proved the perfect way for a long over due real life introduction. You can read more about their story here