At The Park

Where we ventured today to escape the sad stream of horrifc news weighing our television for the past week since my return. 

Rounded up the neighbor kids for a short drive up the street and collected leaves for crafting and collapsed on blankets in dry grass while they played flag football up the hill. Deliriously happy to sit in the space of unthought stillness and watch a baby with his winded curls and filthy face, reaching hands stretched high in hopes of snagging his brother's foot as he swung above.

Where we wore them out in time for dinner back at home prepared as they finished up their homework while a needle fell flat upon an old Buddy Holly record. And watched one brother teach another how to play Imagine on the piano once the record ran flat. And were so easily reminded of the remarkable ways in which love abounds inside everyday corners of the hours that we share together. And then tucked them into bed and turned it all back on, finding more tears for those who now suddenly without them.