Watching HBO's The Leftovers. I swore it off after a few episodes last season. After feeling like the show never cared enough about it's audience to shed a little light on so many depressing, rising new mysteries. But it pulled me back in this round and the more I watch, the more I can't help but like it. And Justin Theroux's brooding eyebrows certainly help light up my late Sunday nights.

Wanting a big bowl of home made black bean soup. The rain clouds came yesterday and with them, an instant desire for soup. So I bought some beans yesterday to soak in time for this evening's early dinner. Trying to decide on a recipe now.

Considering a community course in the art of stain glass. I finally found one locally after searching for months and keep thinking I might need to carve out a couple weeks in winter, when the boys are out of school, to give it a go.

Fantasizing about the endless possibilities of a run down 1932 Spanish revival home I've been obsessing about for far too many weeks now that isn't ever likely to be in the cards for us. But still, my heart hangs on  . . . more on that one later . . .

Listening To this.

Anticipating New York in Fall, here in less than in 9 days. A few days spent with my favorite ladies which is set to include a housewarming party in Brooklyn, a bus top tour ride around the city and a Saturday night in the Village with a couple new & old friends. Plenty of drinks and delicious foods that I'll be excited to share here after.

Browsing the inter webs for a decently priced, classic brown pony boot. If you have a favorite bookmarked, please send it my way?

Laughing about Rex's latest Christmas list addition. A very serious request to own a "real life" baby Monkey named Joey (whom he will apparently refer to by the nickname "polley") He already has a tree picked out for him, to swing around on. And then, he tells me they are going to visit Hawaii and Polley is going to steal people's cocktails and dance with hula girls (The latter, I'm assuming stems from a recent You Tube influenced fantasy his brother showed him so weeks ago)

Kissing a baby who will finally kiss me back.

Hearing Leon learning to read. Week by week, a littler better. A little clearer. A littler surer. And, it's amazing to witness.

Driving Arlo to Parkour classes once a week to help him perfect a new love of jumping off fences, back flipping off pillars and all kinds of other, generally odd ways of moving from point "A to point B, in the most creative way possible." - Which is the actual definition of it when I looked it up.

Making dried flower garland in honor of this next month. My birthday month! And because it gives  better life to the basket of brittle flowers I've had sitting in my room for the past 10 days wondering what to do with them all.

Seeking A new, proper winter coat. New York (and the promise of El Nino) tells me it's time.