A Felt Board for Claire

One of my favorite memories from Mrs. Farr's kindergarten class was the big felt board she kept propped on the ground for us to play with. Arranging bold letters and numbers during free play. Something I'm hoping to try and recreate this year as a Christmas present for Rex, so my niece's birthday this weekend proved a good excuse to practice using various colors shapes and ideas to get a good feel for what works best. For her kit I stuck to three basic categories: Homes & landscape, Little women with mix & match babes and dresses, and larger ladies to dress and arrange faces, shoes and accessories on. I didn't have time to photograph much of the finished product but can say that it's a really fun craft with very little hassle involved. Meaning no sewing, no measuring, and only a sharp pair of scissors as far as tools go.

Now I'm itching to get started on the one for our own house this week. I'm thinking space, monsters, cities and maybe some letters too, because, well, we're still working on learning a few.