Gifts for Baby

We usually limit what we buy the youngest to take full advantage of the short stage when they're more interested in everything that isn't a toy, and still a couple years from being stuck on gift equality, like everyone else in the household who will surely be counting presents as they slowly make their way under the tree.

As of now, I have a handful of quality items to keep in mind for Hayes this season. A couple he needs, and a couple I think he might enjoy. Here are a few favorite shops / items on my online radar these days.

An amazing modern plywood rocker seat built to withstand older / heavier kids too. A pretty piece  I know my boys would play with for years.

My all time favorite baby slippers

Cute wooden cars

A small broom all to himself because he's always stealing mine

Rainbow stacker (small version) because the large gets so much attention we need two

Home, makes for the cutest gifted book for little friends

"Eric Napton" "John Linen" "Nod Stewart" - this rock star bedding by from Dazed & Amazed is one we have in our home and such a fun ode to so many of Rock's greatest guys. Plus it makes the phrase "sleeping with rock stars" sound cute.

The perfect (reasonably priced) hand knit hoodie

Wood Bowling pins in great primary colors 

Other items still up for consideration:

Jelly cat stuffies
Wood dump truck 
Battat Bells
Westco Bongos