Gifts For Boys

When it comes to toys we rarely purchase many new ones through the year. Aside from an occasional hot wheel or random trinket at Target on lucky days, my boys usually wait for things they want to arrive with birthdays and holidays. And because they do get so much from our extended family on Christmas, I tend to stock up on slightly more unique gifts to balance out the regular big name brand loot they always come home with. Sometimes it's hit or miss, but the items I've included in this list are a combination of things they need, things they want, a few items I'm hoping they enjoy and some stuff I have in mind for other special little boys in our life.

These Pretty Wooden Swords are a more polished version of the ones Mike makes for them sometimes out of scrap teepee wood, which they LOVE.

Technology Will Save US is a fun eco friendly brand that appeals to modern "gamers, musicians, hackers, coders and makers" offering up really cool gadgety items that come boxed and ready for kids to explore.

This Owl Kite is not nearly as amazing as the vintage hand painted hawk we found (and broke) this year from a thrift store, but it's the best replacement one I could find seeing how much they all enjoyed flying a big bird in the sky.

This Star Light Projector is mind blowing. My friend showed us hers one night and we all sat in starry eyed wonder over the beautiful and realistic glowing masses covering her celling. Of all the the projectors lights I've seen, this one is by far the most incredible.

Magna Tiles still the best toy I've ever purchased. Two years after our first set made it to the playroom, they remain the most regularly played with toy in our house. This year I'm adding a black and see through set to their collection seeing how much time they spend in their daily constructions.

Levis Sherpa Denim Jacket - because there is nothing cuter than a boy in Levis.

Grimm Puzzles are also a sure bet when it comes to lasting entertainment. They aren't cheap but as much imaginative play as they provide, the splurge feels worth it. (Also ava. on Amazon)

Wooden Tops for the advent calendar because it's become tradition. (On Amazon)

Book about the 50 States for Arlo, who loves that kind of stuff.

An adorable Elephant House 

Beru Kids Harram Pants - we own a couple pair and they are seriously super soft and a favorite lounge pant in our house. With a company back story that adds special perk to the purchase.

This Grateful Dead Tee is one of Leon's most beloved. Can't blame him, right?

Vintage style Cap Guns I realize are not a popular pick with modern parents, but I have to say, of all the things my boys have received over the years, these cheap little western guns have been one of their favorite gifts. And it's something special they know they have to keep at home and play amongst themselves to avoid any outside controversy.

With denim jackets come the start of a patch collection. Namely: the Alien abduction. Which will serve as another cute addition to the advent calendar goods I'm putting together tonight.

My boys also love anything magnetic, so these Tetris Tiles should prove good fun.

Felt Slippers as gifts, because I worry my boys won't likely appreciate them enough.

A couple other Items I Lean On (not pictured)

Cheap and cozy Haynes Thermal Pjs
Retro Twister Reissue
Mad Libs