Gifts for Ladies

A few things I'm currently crushing on this season. 

Santal 33 from Le Labo fragrances  I was gifted this last month and am now hooked for good. Two of my friends share the same love for it. A little spray goes a long way. 

This little Brass Keyring is one of the best gifts I've received because I swear, for some reason, it's managed to thwart my tendency to misplace my keys (daily) Maybe because this particular shape is so well suited to a key hook I never paid much mind to before?

 Watercolor art on Etsy 

 Crocheted coasters to add a nice bit of texture to wood table tops. 

 These Steven Allen blankets I swear by. Thin, lightweight and easy to fold up and keep stocked in your car for those spontaneous picnics or beach days. And they come in all kinds of great tones and colors. I absolutely love the one my best friend gave to me. 

 An antique Indigo cotton kimono that I imagine looks just as pretty hanging on the wall as it would  around my shoulders. The whole shop is beautiful.

 The ultimate sweater companion to my "Dude" inspired White Russian Winter nights, no?

 THIS stunning bedspread. 

 The bold colored San Jose bathrobe. I've been eyeing it for so long now. And then finally tried one on at a friends house and fell hard for it. As much time as I spend in a robe, the $180 price tag seems almost justifiable. . .?

Photos, or any nature in any setting are a great gift for grandparents and family in general.  Artifact Uprising's calendar version seems a great gift to kick off a new year.

 The Quilt of Gee's Bend - a book every woman should have on her table. I go through it every so often and find new ways on inspiration with every sitting. The names of the women in the book, the stories behind their styles, the patterns, craftsmanship and love in these pages are so incredibly touching. Buy it for a friend. Or two. 

The pretty sleek saucepan no one will buy me and I won't likely ever buy myself. But still worthy of this wish list. 

 The every woman's woven market basket. 

Striped socks from Tap Root. I could use a pair now. But everything in their shop is darling (In the best sense of the word) 

 Glerup wool felt slippers. I live in mine through winter and count them as the best gift you could possibly give your poor mother's cold feet. Just don't let her walk on pavement in the rain in them. No grip. A lesson I was reminded of one too many times last year. 

 Chincharmaloney's 14 karat birthstone ring. Though every piece in this jewelry shop I adore. 

And as far as a little pampering is concerned:

Puralee's black soap is 12$ and fantastic!
Red Moon Apothecary's lavender citrus facial cleanser is the highlight of my morning routine
And these little wooden combs  I'll be handing out to a few myself.