Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Start of December

Came abruptly as always. As I can never quite seem to brace myself in time for what the season throws at me soon as the calendar flips it's page. I woke last weekend finally healed of that awful head cold, only to find a new pressure in dressing up the house for the Holiday. Pressure prompted by logging on to Instagram and finding within a day, households across the world decked in fresh garland, wreaths on door frames, families in snow specked tree farms trying up all the loose ends of a holiday that, as far as I knew, had just begun. It was the 1st of December. Relief replaced pressure and I returned to slowly working through the weekend, putting up a few things when I could. 

Though Leon sat all of Saturday morning diligently perched atop the bar stringing cranberries and popcorn for tree garland (seeing that I've yet to find our box of tree ornaments so making a fun craft out of the mishap helped ease the possibilities of meltdowns) and I collected some greenery after the grocery store run, packed in my trunk from the roadside brush down the street from our house that I know I will have to replace probably a couple times this month but decided that it's so pretty it's worth it.

Sunday evening we went for a tree and came home with the biggest once we've had yet, though I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Seems sort of strange and slightly awkward there nearly brushing our celling. And I suppose I can't help harbor lingering regrets over not buying the smaller, slimmer, sparsely sprouted one I had fallen in love at first glance with but failed to convince everyone else of it's odd glory. "Usually, mom just picks the tree and everybody has to deal." The guy with the hand saw at the tree farm said to us, having stumbled upon our apparent indecision. Next year, I'm sticking with that.

This week I'm now focused on clearing out shop holiday orders, planning a birthday party for a special 10 year old, sprucing up a guest bed room, sewing a little birthday present for my niece and constructing a revised version of an avant calendar that seems far more practical for four kids. All things I'll be sharing bits and pieces of here with you in good time.


  1. Great pictures. Christmas season does always pop up so fast. Did you see the advent calendar that Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves posted? I made a similar version for my family and the boys rush down every morning to see what's up. It was much easier than so many advent calendars and I like that I could personalize it for our family and that it's not centered around getting treats.

    1. Cindy,
      I did check it out her's after you mentioned it. Looks beautiful. I love how simple and sleek it is.

  2. Just as always I fell in love with your interior and the atmosphere in the photos.

  3. I always enjoy your images of your home life, I especially like the picks of the kids at the tree farm. It does get hectic with four kids doesn't it, I'm in the same boat. Remember it's the small everyday wonders that keep the holiday season magical.