Obsessing over Mark Cohen's street life photography. Raw and intrusive, finely described as "fragmented keyhole perspectives depicting the streetlife of his hometown Wilkes Barre, PA. Taken in the 1970s." Here he shares 14 lessons to getting the shots. And Here his Book Retrospective.

Soaking black beans for our soup dinner tonight. The one thing I can be sure everyone in this house loves and devours with equal enthusiasm.

Fantasizing about this robe. And what coffee might feel like in this robe. Because I think by now it's apparent how much a fan I am of "Bathrobe Chic."

Needing THIS big bad planner badly. I never find the small ones practical and I downright refuse to use a digital calendar on my phone because I need handwritten notes. And I need to see them, big as possible. Every day.

Waiting on the delivery of this little salt rock nightlight. But I haven't decided if it's for me or the boys yet.

Considering a get away trip away for our ten year anniversary next September. Thinking Tulum Mexico? Because it's affordable. And gorgeous. But am open and appreciative of any suggestions!

Deciding on a new show (for myself, because mine and Mike's tastes vary so much when it comes to television) to watch during the late night closet decluttering I've got going on this week while the kids are all in bed. Netflix / Amazon friendly suggestions welcome.

Worrying about how many car projects Mike's taken on already in this, the first start of a new year. Especially considering how much he's been working at his real job. These "side jobs" demand such a fine balance. Otherwise he could spend every extra waking hour working, fixing, refinishing, or trading something for something else. We tried the other day to count how many automobiles we currently have and I swear to you the boys and I really aren't sure anymore. All I know is we need some of them to move along. The new pop-up bus though he scored last weekend for a killer deal, that can stay awhile. At least what I'm hoping will be a couple spring-time camping romps.

Reading up on the benefits of bone broth as part of a regular diet. An intrigue that was sparked when I was taking photos of my friend the other day who just became certified in Holistic healing and offered up all kinds of wild bone broth based concoctions she includes as part of her daily intake that I'm now enthralled with.

Working on what I hope to be a few new in shop staples. Including three new pieces I've been wanting to add for a couple years and finally got Mike on board. Plus, a new print I'm working on designed with my  my own home (and style) in mind that I hope a few others might appreciate as well.

Preparing our house for a full home tour on another blog in a few weeks. Which is great motivation because otherwise I tend to put things off another day, which we know turns into another week, and then before I know it months later I'm still walking around swearing on all these stupid "need to's" with a list that only grows longer in the meantime.

Scheming up a day trip to visit Arcosanti one weekend next month. What a dream, right? I didn't realize how much closer it is than I thought. And, I really want a bell from their shop.

Looking forward to a birthday dinner in the desert under the stars Saturday night with friends.

What are you up to this weekend?