Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dome Homes

Maybe it was the long drive down a seemingly deserted dirt road in Apple Valley yesterday afternoon to visit a woman I've been meaning to meet for over a year now, with the hint of storm clouds rolling in and Janis Joplin on the stereo that helped sway my heart more than it should have. Or perhaps I'm just plain tired of a decade here in this track home, basically rubbing elbows with new neighbors we don't seem to be meshing so well with, in addition to a newly appointed HOA management that has us on repeat offense letter distributions from everything from an overcrowded garage, to checking oil by lifting the hood in our drive way, to old cars, ect. that has me dreaming of some other way to spread out our next home space.

Either way, the quick visit yesterday where I tried to ingest what information I could as far as these beautiful dome styled (super adobe) alternative housing projects is concerned, really sparked my intrigue. So that a good portion of this rainy day is sure to be spent in bed browsing Pintrest and reading up on the history behind them. I have a field trip coming up at the Cal Earth campus to learn more about the process, and am working on some photos to accopmany an interview with Jamie to post here soon. But until then, welcome to my latest visual obsession.


  1. Ugh to HOAs. We live out on an acreage in the Idaho country and I'm so thankful to be able to do "what we want" with our land/home. These dome homes look very lovely.

  2. After living in an hoa neighborhood, my husband swore we would never again and sought out land where we could live by our values through homesteading. The 6acre plot we found was beautiful but the house was not so working on fixing it up. also working on building a tiny house that is livable for families since we have a two year old.....so I am oh so familiar with the pinterest obsession! Are these houses made out of cob? We are on a journey to learn lots about environmental sustainable and self sufficient learning...currently aquaponics and permaculture.....would love to hear what you learn at the cal earth campus :) ps. Love all you are up to on Instagram and your the-ma books space!

    1. your story sounds equally intriguing Tessa. I'd love to learn more about your acquiring those 6 acres.

      As for the questions - they'll all be answered in depth in an interview with Jamie next week :)

      And thank you for the complements! Made my night.

  3. This is of super interest to me! I love the idea of sustainable living and creating your own home especially one that is so eye catching and intriguing! I cant imagine anything more exciting that building and living in something so original and i am so keen to follow your journey!

    Refugia Stein @ Container Domes