In keeping up with food themed New Year goals I, like everyone else this time of year, have been trying my hardest to stick to healthier meal selections. The biggest difference being preparing more ahead of time since that seems to be the main reason I tend to slack off and take to eating what I shouldn't be in the first place. Out of sheer convenience. Because in the two hours I have while Hayes is napping, and the boys are at school it's really hard to dedicate any extra time to cooking or fixing myself lunch when I'm rushing against the clock to get through a slew of emails, piles laundry, editing stuff, ect.

What's been most helpful so far though is having these pre made meals to fall back on. So I now devout a portion of my Monday mornings to prepping what I need for the next few days and tossing it all into containers to keep in the fridge for no hassle lunch options on the days I'm more strapped for time.

Not groundbreaking dieting methods by any means, I know. I just can't believe I didn't do this for myself sooner.

Below is one version of a greek salad I'm stuck on with black olives, candied walnuts, feta cheese, cucumbers, cilantro, tomatoes, chicken and onions topped with Trader Joe's champagne vinaigrette. Another current staple is a Mexican rice bowl (meant to heat up) and a teriyaki version with marinated chicken and white rice.

Because the way things are right now the best lunches are the ones I don't have to think about when I'm starving, stressed, and have 10 minutes to spare.

If only I could figure out how to make dinner go as smoothly.