Scenes From a Weekend

Where most of our time was spent with Hayes while his brothers were at their grandparents.

Strange how odd it feels to have just one when you're so use to them as a "unit." And not particularly any easier for me either. In fact I think I realize when it's just the two of us how much I depend on his brothers to entertain and care for him throughout the day. From the time he wakes till the time he goes down they are there to keep him company. Only in their absence am I reminded of how hard it is to keep up with a 19 month old. All on my own.

But we did. Spent a slow morning in his room showing him the toys he sometimes forgets he owns. And took him out for a late afternoon coffee run in the bus then over to the field by our house to let him run his tonka truck through the dirt before nap-time.

I'm not sure we were as much fun as he's use to, but I think he knows we tried.