Five Handy Apps

1. First Opinion: this is an app I shared in a sponsored post on IG a few weeks back that I tested briefly upon singing up and found the responses to be both attentive and helpful. However, a couple weeks ago I found myself leaning on it much more regularly. With newfound trust seeing how the online nurse assigned to our family was so quick to answer all of my questions regarding things circling our household: fever, little white bumps, late night stomach pains, ect. Not the kind of generic, text book response you'd expect from a Dr. you never met, via text, but knowledgeable, caring and concise. She even checks in sporadically to see how the kids are doing. She knows them by name and appears genuinely concerned with whatever issue you log on with. I was so impressed I even upped my subscription from the free option to the 9$ a month to allow me to send photos and with a little higher fee you can gain access to prescriptions based on these online communications. I had someone on Instagram thank me for introducing the app because it saved them a middle of the night ER drive. And allowed them to order antibiotics needed from her phone. And if that doesn't convince you, my friend's husband (a Dr himself) signed up for the app (in the company of fellow Dr.s looking to more or less give put another Dr. through the ringer) but came out solidly impressed instead. Even with all the ridiculous symptoms they came up with, he said the responses were professional and impressive. And the Dr.s advice seemingly straightforward and legit. Anyway, it's free. So certainly a good crutch for any parent to keep.

2. Snapchat: I know, this isn't news to the young folk. In fact I signed up for snapchat a couple years ago myself and then deleted it because I found it to be kind of a brainless bore. And, I didn't really get how to use it. But with my second go round, stumbling through the basis of what is generally a hard app to learn, I kinda fell in love. Maybe because it offers up the exact opposite of what IG is these days. A world away from polished edits and mile long captions. But more bad filters, briefly restricted captions, real time, unedited life snapshots in moving video and absurd face distortion filters if you want 'em. For those not familiar - you or your kids get to see your face turn into a dog, a cat, a rainbow spewing mutant with pink blushing cheeks, among just a few. It's fun. Silly and stripped of any prestige which is pretty freeing. Sure it can edge on annoying -  I mean it does. Plenty. But it's also a really nice outlet if you're feeling slightly bored by the slightly borish vibes happening over on Instagram. I know some of the best and worst moments of my life are unveiled there so think of it as a dirty little back street bar you go to sing karaoke and drink beer from pitchers without shame from time to time. And then wear a purring cat's face while you do.

If you are there, I'm under "House Inhabited," I think ...

3. Unroll. Me: sorted and discarded all of my junk mail sprouting like weeds in all four of my inboxes. Get it. Do it. And then wonder why you didn't a whole lot sooner. I know I did.

4. Genius Scan: Allowing phone scanned documents to be turned into JPEG or PDF files. Which for me, feels pretty genius indeed. And comes in handy much more than I expected it to.

5. Audible: By Amazon. I'm actually still getting the hang of how to use this one but as much as we're loving books on audio these days, it seems well worth the effort, right?

What about you guys? Any must have handy apps you love or swear by?