Morgan's Mexican Salad


So I'm back after a brief dry spell around these parts. Wherein the past ten or so days I felt the regular motivation to sit down and blog, simply slip away. Days blew by me engulfed with a mess of dental appointments (a topic certainly deserving of it's own designated post) Valentine craft madness, and one awful injury that turned my sweet boy's face into a swollen mass of black and blue lumps and bruising that came as a result of him being overly excited to finish up the last of his Grandmother's Valentine cards, tripping himself as he came chasing down the stairs and smashed head first into the corner of his craft table. We're both still recovering from the fall five days ago. But he, unfortunately, looks much worse than me.

Needless to say I've been exhausted by it all. So I have quite a bit here now to try and catch up on. But by way of pure laziness, I'm starting with the simplest post I've got on me. A recap of my favorite summer salad - a signature dish my good friend Morgan serves every year sure as her boy's poolside July birthday party that leaves me craving it for all the months that pass in between.

Last week when summer returned (and generally confused everyone in So. Cal who had just started to grow accustomed to bleak, cold weather calling for hot tea / warm soup cravings) I couldn't help but find my own cravings shifting as the temperatures continued to rise. So that in a matter of days, due to the false start and tease of a new season, I found myself longing for Micheladas (instead of red wine) and Morgan's Mexican Salad (in place of warm winter meals) Luckily, via text from my girl in Alabama I got the quick run down and made it for the first time for Rex's birthday last month and for a handful of occasions thereafter to the praise of everyone who tasted it.

Here, in simplest form is what she told me it entails. I added diced chicken breast though because why not?

Sliced Cucumber
Fresh Lime Squeeze
Crumbled Feta
Chopped Hearts of Palm 
And Creamy Cilantro Dressing

*Edit - I left out fresh Cilantro in the photo, but be sure and add that little extra green too!

I also want to try tossing in black beans and avocado, but for now this has been just about perfect for the fake summer stretch making a mockery of El Nino.

Try it & see!