Scenes From a Weekend

Santa Barbara, Ca.

Saturday morning to pick up the new addition Mike bought from Kate and Ellen a few months ago that he had dropped off on the drive back down from pick up near Mendocino, for a professional polishing job with a guy he came across on Instagram.

We decided - last minute - to make a family day of it instead of a quick turn around with the two of us like we had originally intended. Starting off late morning at the skatepark on the boardwalk, wandering around a sparse and windy beach with Hayes and Leon while Rex and Arlo stuck behind to bike and skate.

On the sand we spent a good hour collecting treasures to take home: rocks,* sea glass, shells and salt rotted wood planks. Leon and I filled a whole basket to the brim before returning up the hill to watch Arlo slicing around the bowl and Rex riding recklessly back and forth on a new bike around the main strip before heading out out in search of clam chowder. But not before we caught Hayes trying to sip salsa from a plastic container ** he pulled from inside a discarded lunch bag when I went to gather our things. And I'm nothing close to a germaphobe, but cringe worthy indeed.

We picked the least crowded place on the boardwalk decked out with a giant whale on the front of it, settled into the back booth and had lunch overlooking the ocean on the lucky $60 dollars I found folded neatly deep down low in my dress pocket ***

The hour after, at Kidsworld / Castle Park**** happened only by chance. When we drove by and were instantly charmed by what we could see from our seats, wood beamed peaks and laddered attachments a plenty. Not to mention, life sized shark and whale sculptures that Hayes spent most of his time kindly feeding. Anyway, it's an amazing park and now a definite must go whenever we're back in the area. Yet hard to believe I've never seen (or heard) of it prior to this visit.

This was also the first time I saw the airstream in person. Tucked away with a fresh shine in a dirt lot in Ventura. It was even prettier that in photos. Mike says there were only 500 Bambi Airstreams ever made and this one, apparently, is number 173. Which for some reason feels a little extra special knowing the history of it's mark & lineage. Like I said before, I'm not quite sure how he's going to carve out the time it takes to properly restore the two airstreams and two buses we've got on our hands now, but I know I also won't be entirely shocked when (however) he finally does. All I want is to pick out some curtains. On any one of the four. 

Car ride home was long and brutal. Plagued by two major accidents on the freeway in combo with a back seat full of exhausted boys, patience wearing thin in the dead freeze of a clogged highway. We made it back and collapsed on the couch to finish up our show. Vowing to wake early enough for him to start the stripping of the interior walls and me to pull our sandy treasures from the van and wash them in water to dry out on the back porch to make the sea themed mobiles I promised Leon we would.

Both of which, I'm happy to report we did in fact succeed in.

Post Footnotes:

* Why are SB rocks better than all the rest? Seriously so good I started to wonder if some of them were fake or painted.

** Stil not a s bad as the day at the park where he was caught drinking a vanilla bean frapacinno left on a park bench. It was still cold, so at least there was that . . .?

*** Also, I'm not entirely sure if all Ace & Jig is meant to be worn as reversible or not but I do and it defiantly has me wondering why more companies don't hop on the trend. I mean, can you imagine if all of our clothing had dual capabilities?

**** Pleas go here and thank me later. Be sure you see the puppet man on the deck and treat yourself to some curbside corn.