Something Good This Way Comes

If you're watching the new Love series on Netflix you probably heard this song play at the end of one of the episodes, and then - if by chance you happened to love Jacob Dylan just as hard as I did back in my teenage years, you may have found yourself up late at night rekindling that old love affair by watching old videos, wondering how he could be so incredibly handsome and talented and downright lovable and never have actually "made it" in the industry. At least I did. Especially after seeing this video. It's beautiful. And my God, what's wrong with he rest of the world for not loving him just as much?

* Fun Fact: I actually met Jacob and the Wallflowers a couple times at his first shows in the late 90s when I was a young, die hard Dylan fan who had caught wind of his son fronting a band early on and showed up at the Troubadour in Hollywood with my mom, ran into him in the alleyway pre show and found him to be just as sweet as he is handsome. Painfully good looking in person with the same instantly recognizable mannerisms and build as his dad. Plus kind enough to stop and chat with us while posing for photos (that remain etched in disposable camera quality film) and then again at different show where he invited me on stage to introduce the band. Which, as you can imagine, left my 17 year old heart reeling for more than a few days thereafter. I'll never forget looking up and spotting the ever elusive Sara Dylan sitting up in the balcony above. Watching him so proudly.
All the stuff teenage dreams are made of.