Stuck ON

So I was never one to jump on board with the whole "I DIE" phrase. "Bananas" maybe. But even at the hype of the Rachel Zoe hour I held back. But in the case of this little gem I most definitely do, DIE. Running across the image of kid sized land rover vintage series version I literally felt my heart skip. Or stop. Due to obscene cuteness. And painful want.

Now thanks to the evil of Pinterest I feel like my life isn't complete unless we own one. Which unfortunately that isn't easy to do seeing how they are made in Europe and are fairly hard to ship overseas at a reasonable cost. Word is they come kit style and it takes approx. 60 hours to complete but once you do they're basically a motored car that is built to last ages and can cart around an entire family at 12 mph through streams, mud, and from the photos I see online, with great ease around the grassy English countrysides.

The little yellow colored one with the spare tire and matching metal cart that looks identical to our full sized one though, DEAD.

Website and info HERE