Stuck ON


Yes. I realize I'm a little bit late to the game here. I remember countless Serial references popping up all over Instagram for the better part of last summer but was slow to investigate what it was everyone was actually so entranced by. I suppose I heard the jest of the podcast involved scorned teen lovers and an "unsolved" murder. Right off the bat, not what I would consider my cup of tea. But then again I said pretty much the same thing when a good friend of mine described the basis of Friday Night Lights being centered around high school football stars in a small town with no one I had ever heard of in cast. Ridiculous seeing now how much I came to love and praise that show. I mean I really really loved hard on that show.

Then last week while boredom crept into the long Tuesday hour where I wait alone in a parking lot for my boys to finish up their music lessons I discovered: lo and behold, the podcast option on my phone! Where I was shocked to find that Serial (and so many others) had been there at my fingertips all along. So I plugged in, settled into the first episode of season one, grateful for a new way of distraction that didn't involve any scrolling on my phone, and became instantly hooked. Mainly by the narration of the case. For me Sarah Koenig IS the show. Her tone, pacing, style, personality, brains, and wit carry us along and make us care because she herself seems so clearly conflicted by it. Plus, she's funny. And quickly likable. I have to say, even with all the hype "Making of a Murderer" is getting (I delved into both at the same time) I and was way more into Serial because of Sarah serving as narrator behind it.

In the end I swept through 12 episodes in seven days. Listening as I folded laundry, washed dishes, prepared dinner, and scrubbed the tub. I tuned in while stuck in traffic, and at the end of a long night mid week during the rainstorm where I stayed up far too long in desperate attempt to wrap up the series and find some kind of conclusion I could rest my head on. Because I wanted answers. I needed answers. But like any Serial fans comes to find, it isn't a gift you can ever fully count on. Slowly I'm still coming to terms with that. Though catching wind of the trial being reopened and picking up with Koenig again on call for the recaps, certainly helps ease pain.

Later, through text convos with my friend Lauren (whom I can always count on for things such as this) where I was already mourning the end of the series that had become the highlight of my late night hours, she informed me that there were in fact so many others I could love just the same. A topic she so kindly offered up to share on a post over on The Ma Books today - which turned out a fabulous guide to lean on. Especially for us newbies. So head over, check it out and let us know what you think and what you're listening to.

And if you haven't yet already, get yourself through Serial, let me know where you stand and if you're not left wishing you could share dinner and a glass of wine with Sarah K too.