Borrego Bound

Initially we were suppose to be in Death Valley this weekend to catch the tail end of Super Bloom. I even booked us a big teepee in a stunning (albeit frightfully remote) area about an hour outside of the park with a farm on site that my friend Courtney tipped me off on. But then cancelled immediately  after talking to the owner who did a fine job of scaring us out of coming. Or at least having us question our sanity in attempting a destination so remote seeing that we aren't anywhere near what anyone might consider "experienced" adventurers and it's disconnected from wifi, and has scarce gas station options, and but a couple places for food along the way. "If you happen to have car issues your in a Bad way" she told me. And, well, that was enough.

Kate's back up plan was Borrego Springs, to see the wild flowers - it's not super bloom but much closer and word on the street is a recent wind storm came and sucked most of them away anyway. So maybe we'll take a short hike and generally just relax while the kids enjoy a swimming pool in 90 degree weather. Back in high school my mom and step dad had a place out there so we use to visit fairly often (did anyone else, by chance, go as a kid to see the Christoph umbrella exhibit in the 90s?We did. And it left a sharp impression on me. But even more so the two deaths that happened as a result of umbrellas being uplifted by violent winds. Can you imagine? Death by high art?) I haven't been back since I was probably 17 so I'm excited to head out this trip. Except, as fate would have it, this week stuck me with a couple sick kids and Kate, a kid with a cold + newly injured puppy, so we cancelled our night tonight and have our sights set on picking up Saturday's reservation. Fingers crossed we all wake up good as gold and our week spent rotating beds, washing sheets and nursing sick boys with cold rags and pans parked beneath their beds become a distant memory in light of that fresh desert sunshine, naps by the pool and a cover to cover read through of my new favorite magazine that I've been saving especially for a a couple of these easy hours lent to anything other than what the past fews days have consisted of.

To health and healing.

Happy Weekend!