Watching another boy grow up way too fast for my liking. Hayes Ray will be two in May. Still can't get over how much more quickly time seems to pass with each new babe. Just not right I tell ya.

Waiting on the right time to watch this documentary my friend recommended recently. Hoping tonight. After our boy scouts den meeting. When a glass of wine and some fine television feels especially earned after being cooped up in a church kitchen making gourmet pizzas with 25 over eager little boys.

Loving this cover and the back story behind the wardrobe decisions. That woman, she's a god to me.

Looking Forward to a quiet breakfast date here next month. On our last trip it wasn't an option (not a kid friendly joint) but this trip, with the in-laws joining us, I'm hoping to sneak away one morning with Mike to finally see what all the fuss is about. I love Big Sur. And I would love to get to know every little part of it with each new trip we take.

Starting a small vegetable / herb garden in a mid sized wood barrel with the boys that I'll also be sharing at a local farmers market in a few weeks for a fun job I'm working on with Scotts . Details to follow but I'm guessing L.A and would love to see some of you there if the market is part of your regular weekend routine.

Laughing out loud over a few of these. Thanks Denise.

Feeling this p.o.v. big time with Rex at the moment.

Reminiscing Naomi in the 90s. 

Getting to know a cute new little European robot named "Cubetto" who is set to make an appearance here sometime next week, in video form. He's blast. And quite adorable to boot.

Obsessing over this whole line. I was kindly sent a few key pieces a couple weeks ago for Rex and Hayes and it's now all I want to put on them. Still routing for a line extension though to add big kid sizes so a certain 10 year old could also don this handsome shirt.

Taking notes.

Listening endlessly to "Personal Practice" on Spotify. I posted about it on Instagram last week and got all kinds of personal messages thanking me for sharing it because it really is such a fantastic mix of everything we all already love, all in one place. So great in fact that I am feeling inspired to create a couple of my own soundtracks to complement things like kid birthday parties, cocktail hour, and Spring house cleaning. I know a kicking soundtrack always helps me out with the latter.

Sleeping in. On Sundays now. If I can.

Happy Weekend,