Easter Basket Goods

As you might imagine, with four kids any holiday no matter how conservative I try to be it always proves a little more pricey than I ever anticipate. Which is why I am so careful now to decide on exactly what I'm purchasing beforehand.What I try to do is include a couple "fun" things in combination with a couple practical items. Things I would need to buy normally and mix in as part of a stocking or basket. In the past it's been anything from board shorts, to sandals, to shovels, to shoes.

This year with the Easter baskets I've been admittedly a little lazy and dropped the ball on finding any hand made trinkets on Etsy like usual and stuck instead to the more convenient (mindless) ways of Amazon. For Hayes, a couple new plates (the bunny one he's surely going to flip for!) which we needed to stock up on anyway. A little plush rabbit, a book, and his own banana toothbrush since he's constantly stealing everyone else's.

The bright wooden sailboats will go one in each basket just to add a pop of color even though Hayes and Rex are the only ones likely to appreciate them. The canoes I found for a great price and figured it would be a fun project to let the boys paint on Easter morning. I also ordered each of them a funky pair of socks (because cool socks are a "thing" in grade school, apparently) one book, one vintage patch, one stuffed animal, a cheap kite, and some Mexican jumping beans.

The candy I'll wait on. Otherwise half of it will disappear and there will be only here to blame for it.

- Bunny Plate
- Bamboo plate & Spoon
- Wood boats
- Grimm sail boats