Meet Cubetto

He's sweet, square, and he likes to dance. At least that's what we came to conclude in our short time with him thus far. But Cubetto's main goal is a little more complex. His real MO is to provide kids a fun and tangible introduction into programming, which in turn helps to lay the foundation needed to grasp basic coding by combining Montessori learning principles with standard computer programming concepts.

Cubetto is a cute, simplistic, gender neutral toy that doesn't rely on any screens or fancy gadgets (which comes as a big relief considering the influx in trend in toys of similar nature these days) but seeks instead to instill a futile approach to technology by awakening intrigue and imagination by providing kids a hands on approach to modern concepts so that they end up constructors, controllers, and fast friends to this little guy in a unique, and organically playful fashion. My boys are big fans. As is every other kid who comes over for playdates and meets him.

Cubetto comes fully equipped with a set up consisting of a wood command board, 16 bold colored plastic blocks (each color conveying a different command angle) a world map, and story book. He's ready to roll right out of the box following simple construction of the line board used to power up his little cube soul and mobility. Watching him come to life is the best part. My boys talked about this guy for weeks leading up to his arrival and were ecstatic once he finally arrived and they were able to gather around a table and put the gears in motion.

The creators behind him have been working hard for the past few years to get this idea off the ground and into schools and living rooms around the world. Currently prototypes are used in over 800 schools world wide and expanding all the time. Having him in our home for two weeks I can't but imagine how amazing he would be as a staple in our own local kindergarten classes and beyond.

To learn a little more about the evolution of this cubed companion visit the founder's Kickstarter page HERE and see the video below showing our first day with Cubetto where Hayes (just below the intended target age which is 3 and up) couldn't quite keep his grimy hands off of him. But Really, who could blame him?

Untitled from Mrs. Habit on Vimeo.